Today’s high-pressure business world compels your organization to be more agile, improve operational efficiency, reduce cost, and meet its employees’ needs for new applications and technologies more rapidly. That’s why your approach to IT is evolving from managing IT equipment to managing IT services as a utility, but how do you bring together the people, processes, and systems that deliver more business-aligned IT? How do you manage multiple vendors across several geographies, while still focusing on what you do best?

ITMCXcan help you inject more agility and flexibility into your business model by delivering IT outsourcing services that encompass the network, data center/cloud services, end-user support and contact center.

In today’s world of global networks, and with the rapid increase in services such as mobility, you’ve realized that no single partner can provide all the services across the geographies in which you now do business. We focus on the ability to integrate best-of-breed suppliers and service providers to deliver a network service that can change with your business requirements.

We cover the following areas:

  • Data Network: This encompasses WAN connectivity, campus and branch office connectivity, and the wireless network.
  • Videoconferencing: It includes any infrastructure and network connectivity required to deliver conferencing services. It also includes concierge and service desk services.
  • Voice Infrastructure: It includes the on-premise and cloud voice services required to deliver a complete service. Voice infrastructure includes the support and management of TDM and IPT infrastructure. Telecom expense management (TEM) is a subset of this service.
  • Security: It encompasses the dynamic and hard perimeter. It includes vulnerability management, risk management, threat intelligence, managed security information and event management, operations management, compliance management and performance management.
  • Monitoring and Performance Management: We take care of monitoring and managing the performance of the end-to-end network experience.
  • Carrier Management: We manage your service providers’ services and contracts including benchmarking, procurement, service management, and reporting.