Given today’s business pace, off-line IT infrastructure causes lost productivity, time, and money, and at the same time impairs your competitive advantage, so how do you balance cost versus risk in getting the right mix of in-house versus third-party maintenance, support, and monitoring services for IT?

Expert skills are scarce and expensive and the reality is that you have a complex installed base that might span multiple vendors, licenses, technologies, and devices. You require proactive IT service support to ensure continued availability and reliability. On the other hand, when your systems fail, does your maintenance contract ensure you have enough of the right resources on call? Can they solve your problems fast and efficiently according to an appropriate service level agreement (SLA)?

Employing internal resources to manage unscheduled downtime can be costly. It would require an increase in highly skilled staff across multiple technologies and geographies.

ITMCX’s up time maintenance and support services, combined with our contract aggregation capabilities, provide a portfolio of flexible service products and options to ensure that your IT estate is properly covered. These services offer you predictable costs and a framework for efficient resource allocation while protecting your business from risk and the unwelcome expenses of downtime.

  • Access to leading technical expertise
    You have access to best engineers, spanning six technology areas of expertise. Where relevant, we also offer third-party expertise thanks to our global partnerships with leading technology vendors such as Cisco, Microsoft, Palo Alto Networks, VMWare, Brocade, and Lenovo.
  • Best-in-class service level agreements (SLAs)
    Our SLAs continually motivate us to resolve issues speedily. Our SLA clock starts from the moment you call our Service Centre. You can choose an SLA that meets your specific business requirements