Many schools do not have the time or manpower required to deploy the Chromebooks or set up the carts.

With ITMCXComputers White Glove Services, we do all the setup for you either in our own warehouse or on site, choice is yours.

Our white glove services include:

Chrome Device Setup

  • Unbox the devices onsite
  • Thoroughly inspect them for physical damages
  • Power up test and look for any software errors
  • Set up WiFi configuration on each device
  • Enroll the devices to your Google Apps domain
  • Get Chrome OS updates
  • Validate the device policies and applications
  • Apply customized asset tag
  • Receive data capture of serial number and asset tag
  • Assist with any defective or replacement units

Charge Cart Setup

  • Unpack & inspect the carts for physical damages onsite
  • Assemble & route cables according to specifications
  • Load devices & test power connectivity
  • Apply customized asset tag upon request
  • Assist with any missing parts or replacement units

So, rely on us to:

  • Minimize the deployment time,
  • Lower your projects’ risk by validating and testing each unit,
  • Maximize the product lifecycle by properly tagging and docking each unit,
  • Free up your IT staff to attend other IT initiatives,