Having a modular data center that is portable and can be positioned at any location that requires data capacity is an upcoming trend. This type of data system is comprised of modules and components that are purpose-engineered to provide scalable data center capacity with a range of power and cooling options.

Below are some of the reasons that Modular data centers are getting popular day by day;

  • They are easier and less expensive to build since they are made with standardized components,
  • They are more energy efficient than the traditional data centers because they are designed specifically to utilize space more efficiently and to contain features that enhance efficiency, such as sealed floors, walls and doors and overhead or under-floor cooling,
  • They are a great way of adding extra computing power when you lack the space or budget to build a static data center,
  • They can help boost your current disaster recovery strategies.
  • They come pre-assembled so you can just plug in and you’re good to go.

When you are designing a modular data system to suit your needs, speed is another advantage, on average they can be designed at setting up within 3-5 months, which is much faster than fitting out a traditional data center.

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