Your servers and storage devices are among the most important assets your business has. The business consequences of failure for your employees, your customers, and ultimately your bottom line could be catastrophic.

ITSD take a complete view of Server management, working with you to establish your storage, access and security requirements before developing a plan that works for you. Whether the final solution is on-premise, in the Cloud, or a hybrid, we ensure your business data is stored securely, while retaining speed of access and cost efficiency. If we’re working with an existing server set-up, we’ll take the necessary steps to ensure it has all the functionality and capacity to meet your needs and remains in optimum health.

Data Back-up

Step one in minimizing the effect of server failure is ensuring regular, comprehensive data back-up. Whether via a networked storage device or via private or public cloud, we can create a backup strategy that protects your business should the worst happen.

Business Continuity

Beyond simple data backup, our Business Continuity capabilities enable your business to keep operating whatever fate throws at it: with Unified Communications, mobility, and cloud-based software as a service, your whole business can switch seamlessly to a second physical, or virtual location in an instant, enabling your staff to operate as normal even if your physical offices are affected.

Disaster Recovery

Should the worst happen, the speed and accuracy with which business can return to normal is paramount. Building recoverability into your network from the outset helps make this process a lot easier. We do this by auditing any existing plans you have in place, building a recovery plan that takes into account your physical facilities, technology and staff, and instigate that plan so that, should you ever need it, you’ll have absolute confidence in its ability to keep your core business data safe and recoverable.