“A new generation IT solution provider focusing on sustainability, network conversion, and business alignment.”

ITMCX was established in 2009 as a new generation IT solution provider focusing on sustainability, network conversion, and business alignment. We’re a highly qualified and professional voice and data network consulting and service organization.

We select our clientele very carefully to ensure that our services match your needs and we assign an individual Account Engineer to manage or co-manage each project. By doing so, we’re able to establish a high level of continuity and familiarity of your unique business process, your users and information systems. Ultimately, this close relationship enables us to be in the best position to assist and suggest future additions and modifications to your system. As a leader in enterprise networking and cloud PBX services nationwide, we’ve earned high recognition for exceptional customer service and industry-specific technological expertise.



At ITMCX, our mission is to facilitate a transformation to a more efficient, sustainable technical environment; enabled by advanced technology and enhanced communication to optimize production and increase reliability.

We combine our professional and managed services with technologies from leading vendors to provide you with the best solution to your needs with consideration of industry standards and reliability. We can assist you in designing strategy, architecture, and technology roadmaps that become the blueprint of your vision.


We have a passion for technology and a belief in its power to make your business work better, your people become more productive and your customers are more loyal.

To help you better understand the role of technology in your organization and how to plan for, integrate and manage your environment to best fit your business needs, we offer a full life cycle of services.



Sustainability is about maximizing your longevity in the market. Your organization expects technology to help you find creative solutions that will have a positive impact on your bottom line while also meeting increasingly stringent regulations related to environmental issues.

IT solutions that quantifiably reduce travel, energy, and waste to lower costs and provide positive environmental benefits will help you create a sustainable business.

We take a collaborative approach in providing solutions that help you reduce costs, increase efficiency, and at the same time deliver environmental benefits. We can also share our practical experiences in implementing in-depth sustainable solutions in large organizations across the globe.

Why us


ITMCX’s extensive experience, strong IT knowledge, transparent processes and human resources differentiate us in the marketplace. ITMCX is third-party neutral, which frees us to form alliances with best-in-class vendors and leverage their tailored and unique, leading-edge products.

ITMCX’s consultants support the entire lifecycle of network transformation and outsourcing, helping clients increase the predictability, reliability, and quality of network-based services so that they can support investments in service areas that have potential to provide long-term growth opportunities.