Arman Eghbali

Arman Eghbali M.S., MBA

Founder & CEO

Arman Eghbali serves as CEO and Founder of ITMCX. With more than 20 years’ experience in building companies and creating value for customers, Arman provides the leadership, energy, management skills, and technology vision for the company. He has led the effort to earn more than a dozen high profile industry awards and achievements for the company. Arman has personally led the charge for large system integration projects to incorporate new technologies, meeting and exceeding customer and shareholder expectations and budget goals. He is highly focused on providing best-in-class products and services to the company’s customers and maintaining a rewarding and challenging environment for the company’s employees. Arman holds a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems, an Executive MBA from Pepperdine University, and has earned multiple technical and industry certifications such as ITMCX from UCLA Anderson School of Business. He has also been recognized as an entrepreneur CEO with Inc. Magazine and is a true visionary as a founding member of two Silicon Valley tech start-ups.

Peter Geddis

Peter Geddis


Peter Geddis serves as Chief Operating Officer and have been with ITMCX since November of 2017. He has previously held positions as CEO, COO, Board Director, and other senior management and operating positions. He was founder and CEO of a national fiber optic project, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Qwest Communications (acquired by CenturyLink), and National Sales & Service Manager at GTE Sprint. Peter held industry positions at PacTel Spectrum Services, British Telecom, AT&T/NJ Bell, and others. He has worked from start up through accelerated growth and maturity, managed organizations as small as a handful of employees to over 2,000, and revenue growth cycles from zero to over $1 billion.

Maryam Mohammadi

Maryam A. Mohammadi, MBA

VP Operations & Projects

Maryam A. Mohammadi serves as VP Operations & Project Management and has been with ITMCX since September of 2014. With more than 15 years of management experience in the tech industry, Maryam is an exceptional project manager; reliable, organized, and professional, with exemplary communication skills. She manages internal and dedicated project resources, and third-party vendors to bring projects in on time and on budget, with superior quality, and earns accolades from ITMCX’s customers. Maryam has sophisticated and highly developed problem-solving skills, and generates meticulous, accurate documentation making her a superior, highly respected member of the senior management team. Maryam has an MBA from Northwestern Polytechnic University with an added specialization in Project Management.

Ramin Movahedi

Ramin Movahedi

VP Advanced Technology

Ramin Movahedi serves as VP Advanced Technology and has been with ITMCX since June of 2017.Ramin’s focus is to align ITMCX’s product and service offerings with the latest and most advanced technological developments to provide the best solution to customers. For nearly 20 years Ramin was CEO and Founder of Next Day Network, Inc., where he designed and deployed an advanced technology e-commerce web site, providing access to a powerful product fulfillment hub with more than 750,000 products to over 7,000 technology consultants and resellers. Ramin worked with Stanford University’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program to form Multi Support Computer Systems to manage all new developments and enhancements to their MULTIFIT Cardiac Risk Management Expert System, and played a key role in the integration of the MULTIFIT system into Kaiser Permanente’s AmCare platform. Ramin is a highly effective communicator, a natural problem-solver, and has a laser-focus on the customer in all business market segments. Ramin has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from San Jose State University.

Jill Movahedi

Jill Movahedi, PMP

Director, Technology Alliances & Operations

Jill Movahedi serves as Director, Technology Alliances & Marketing, and has been with ITMCX since November 2018. Focusing on developing mutually beneficial business relationships while keeping an eye on industry trends, Jill specializes in marketing strategy and execution with specific attention to technology enablement, re-engineering business systems and processes to manage profitability and create efficiencies. She most recently worked for National Geographic and has experience in multiple business environments from private company to merger acquisition to private equity ownership, Jill is strategic and collaborative with excellent problem-solving and advanced communication skills. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing from the University of the Pacific as well as a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

Donald image

Donald Crozier

Engineering Services Manager

Donald Crozier serves as Engineering Services Manager and has been with ITMCX since November of 2014. Donald is a supremely talented IT professional with a unique set of skills and broad knowledge of data networks, application development, systems design and implementation, and overall integration of Information Technology platforms. He is a master at analyzing and troubleshooting issues, and is constantly working to learn and implement new technologies and methodologies. Donald’s one-of-a-kind, remarkable talents enable him to view issues from multiple angles and viewpoints almost simultaneously, with a focus on finding answers and the best solutions while working closely with the customer representative and his team.