PolyTons application has two sections that can work in conjunction with each other or independently of one another to be able to deliver the services that the customer is looking for.

The first part of the application is PolyTons Essential that predominantly focuses on configuration
built for each switch within the network to be deployed via our Touchless-Provisioning-Process (TPP) to eliminate any data entry errors.

This process has helped us configure over 250 switches in less five hours. Utilizing PolyTons Essential still has some similarities to a traditional configuration of switch. Including but not limited to, the planning process, the designing, and the schema structure are still needed; however, Producing a unique configuration for every switch based on their MAC address is fully automated which can then be used through our TPP to configure the switches.

PolyTons Extreme is the second module of this application, it is built, designed, and optimized for custom configuration of switches throughout the enterprise campus environment. It has the capabilities to;

  • Scan the existing network (Cisco, HP, Brocade, and others),
  • Identify certain perimeters, such as MAC address, VLANs, host names, and locations,
  • Write custom configurations based on certain perimeters such as certain devices to be put on certain VLANs based on geographical or functional schema,
  • Able to discover any changes in the network and report upon modifications,

PolyTons Extreme can run either on a virtual machine or on a dedicated system which can be put on the customer premise and it communicates with equipment using SNMP to be able to read and write its configuration back to a switch in a real time basis to prevent any outages or reloading of configuration.

PolyTons Features & Use cases

PolyTons Essential is a cloud-based, .NET application that can be used with any of the Brocade switches for producing unique configuration files. By utilizing PolyTonsTM Essential, we were able to configure 90 of the ICX7250 switches in less than 60 minutes.

PolyTons Extreme is a Linux-based application with python scripting utilizing SNMP to communicate with switches for its read and write functionality. One of the recent cases was making geographical and functional network VLAN changes at a customer with over 900 switches across 25 different campuses. By utilizing PolyTons Extreme, our team’s configuration time was reduced to only 6 hours. We have also been able to employ PolyTons Extreme to read Cisco configurations and write the proper Brocade configuration across the campus in less than few minutes.

PolyTons is built from the ground up to make switch deployment, migration and customization easier, faster and 99.99% accurate.