For over the last two decades, ITMCX's senior staff has provided trusted solutions to government and educational institutions to accommodate the ever-changing world of technology in California. With evolution in cloud computing and mobility, ITMCX was established in 2009 as the next generation IT solution provider. Our vision is to bring together a team of technology experts and engineers to plan and deploy renowned solutions and first-class technologies. This system ultimately enables us to meet clients' specific objectives and budget requirements.

ITMCX is pleased to help such agencies procure for goods and services through trusted contract vehicles such as CMAS, WSCA, and IT MSA.

As a leader in network solutions and cloud telephony services nationwide, ITMCX has earned high recognition for exceptional customer service and industry-specific technological expertise.

We have partnered with so many public agencies in Northern California to bring forth reliable technology for faculty and students. A few of our recent projects include: