E-rate Program

E-rate Program The universal service Schools and Libraries Program, commonly known as the E-rate Program, helps ensure that schools and libraries can obtain high-speed Internet access and telecommunications at affordable rates.

Funding may be requested under two categories of service:

  • Category One: The services include Data Transmission Services and Internet Access,
  • Category Two: The services include Internal Connections, Managed Internal Broadband Services, and Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections,

Here at ITMCX, we understand that education institutions have a limited budget and have to stretch their dollars all the time. Even with Federal or State funds, there are still many red-tapes and cumbersome procurement process.

Over the years, we have made our turn-key solutions delivery process customized to the education market to be able to be among the few providers to offer the most comprehensive solutions while saving customers money, both upfront and also during the project.

With us, our proposals are accurate and submitting change orders are not the norm. We know that you need to have the full picture and cost in order to be successful during your presentation to your management and/or your district board of education. So, we will back you up and empower you with all the relevant information to be able to do your job.

ITMCX has been working with the E-rate program with many schools. Few of our recent clients are listed below: